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Book Your Appointment


  • New Patient: 90min/$100
  • Follow Up: 60min/$75
  • Cupping: 30min/$50
  • Gua Sha: 30min/$50
  • Relaxation Treatment: 30min/$45
  • Herbal Consult: 30min/$40
  • Reiki with Leah: 30min/$50,  60min/$80,  90min/$115
    (New Patient appointments are an additional $20 and 30min)
  • Reiki with April: 30min/$45,  60min/$70
    (New Patient appointments are an additional $15 and 30min)
  • Crystal Guidance + Custom Grids: 30min/$50
    ($40 when booked with another of Leah’s offerings)
  • Distance Reiki: Full distance sessions available for the prices above.
  • Distance Tune Ups: 15min sessions   5/$45,  7/$55,  10/$65
  • Intuitive Coaching: 60min/$110
  • Intuitive Coaching 6 Week Course/$549
  • Relaxation: 30min/$45,  60min/$70,  90min/$105
  • Deep Tissue: 30min/$55,  60min/$80,  90min/$115,  120min/$150
  • Prenatal: 30min/$55,  60min/$80,  90min/$115,  120min/$150
  • Jin Shin Jyutsu: 30min/$55,  60min/$80,  90min/$115,  120min/$150
  • Shiatsu: 30min/$55,  60min/$80,  90min/$115,  120min/$150
  • CBD: 60min/$90,  90/$125,  120min/$160
  • New Patient: 90min/$100
  • Follow Up: 60min/$85
  • Cold and Flu Be Gone: 8x30min treatments/year/$280
  • Be Well New PatientConsult: 90Min/$90,
  • Be Well Follow Up Consult: 60min/$75

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